Traveller Pride 2014

Traveller Rights are Human Rights!

Traveller Pride 2014 launches with the Traveller Pride Awards on June 11th in Dublin City. Following the awards are two weeks of events, both national and local, celebrating Traveller activism, achievement and community development. Use the menu on the left to find out more.

The Forerunner to Traveller Pride as we know it now was called Traveller Focus Week, which originated with the Citizen Traveller public education initiative. As part of a substantial remit, Citizen Traveller initiated a week long Traveller specific space called Traveller Focus Week, which began in February 2000 and ran for three years. 

The primary aim of the initiative was to establish a range of national and local eventm, aimed at promoting greater visibility of Travellers in Ireland and to provide for a dedicated setting in which to promote positive activities. This aim was largely successful. 

Original projects and activities included

- The largest Traveller cultural exhibition hosted in Dublin Castle of Traveller heritage and archvie materials of recordings, songs, stories, photographs and other items

- Outdoor Dublin centred interactive exhibition of tinsmith craft

- Dedicated Temple Bar area for Traveller Focus Week events

- Traveller concert featuring all Traveller musicians

- Media series and features throughout Traveller Focus Week

- School projects and artwork

- Development of the Traveller Youth charter

- All Ireland National Traveller attitudinal survey

- Drama workshops

- Children's cultural workshops

- Outdoor large scale Traveller film and documentary screening

Some years after the Citizen Travelelr campaign was disbanded, the National Traveller organisations reviewed the merit of the initiative and established what is now known as Traveller Pride.